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Terms and conditions

The www.polegoddess.com webpage content, pictures and all its versions are owned by Universal Free Vision Voices ApS with registered office at Mejslingvej 68, 7100 Vejle, Denmark (Phone: +4527280222, CVR-number: DK38607030, e-mail: info@polegoddes.com). In the following sections, the company is referred to as “Pole Goddess”, “we” and “our”, while “you” refer to the customer.

The use of services provided through www.polegoddess.com implies unconditional acceptance of these terms of use.

You must not:



Pole Goddess receives online payment from Dankort, Visa/Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, Mobilepay Online, Visa Electron, Maestro and Paypal.  The payment will be debited when the order is shipped. Note that this does not apply to pre-ordered products. Read more below.



When you purchase products with the label “pre-order” it means that you order a product in advance. Therefore, the delivery time will be longer than our standard delivery times. You can always find the expected delivery time of specific products in the product descriptions on our web shop, in your basket and on your invoice (which will be attached to your e-mail order confirmation). Be aware that when you pre-order a product, we debit the payment when your order is placed and confirmed. Thus, you pay in advance.

If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact our customer service at e-mail: info@polegoddess.com.

All products on our website are priced in Euro and are including VAT.

Pole Goddess uses a safe server for payment that encrypts all information using SSL protocol. This means that all your data are safe and cannot be read by any external parties. Pole Goddess’ own website use SSL protocol encryption as well. If Pole Goddess is being hacked by external parties, we do not take responsibility for any leaked personal information. However, we take serious precautionary measures to prevent this from happening.


Order processing

Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email confirming all order information, which implies the unconditional acceptance of its entire content. If you do not receive an electronic order confirmation (e-mail), you are required to immediately contact Pole Goddess at info@polegoddess.com. Otherwise, Pole Goddess bears no responsibility for failure to complete your order and/or failure to send the ordered products. Similarly, Pole Goddess bears no responsibility in case of incorrect entry of data, which are required to complete your order.



The standard delivery time on orders is 1-3 working days within Denmark, and 3-20 working days outside of Denmark, after your order has been confirmed by e-mail. As mentioned above, this does not apply to to “pre-orders”.

Pole Goddess ship goods using the following services:

GLS – business, GLS – private, GLS – parcel shop, PostNord – private, PostNord – business, PostNord – optional place of delivery.

The shipping cost is calculated based on the weight of the package.

You can choose to have your order sent with or without home delivery. You will always receive a Track and Trace number, so you can follow your package – all the way from our warehouse to your home.



Unless otherwise stated, you have the right to cancel any purchase from our website within the first 14 days after receiving it. Be aware that you, as a customer, are responsible for any costs related to the return of a product.

If you want to use your right to cancellation, Pole Goddess must be informed no later than 14 days after delivery, and the product must be physically in our hands no later than 14 days after that cancellation notice.

If you want to use your right to cancellation, an e-mail must be sent to:
complaints@polegoddess.com. In the e-mail, you must clearly state that you want to make use of your right to cancellation.


Product condition upon returns

You as a customer are responsible for any degradation of the product’s value that is due to handling it in other ways than what is necessary in order to determine the product type, attributes and functions. This means that you can try on the product in the same way, as if you were shopping in a physical store. If the product is used in any other ways, Pole Goddess considers the product as used and thus of lost value. Hence, you receive a smaller (or no) refund in case of cancellation and return. Pole Goddess solely determines the condition of the product.



In accordance with the Danish Sale of Goods Act, all customers at Pole Goddess have a two-year right of complaint. This applies to all mistakes in software, materials and manufacturing. Complaints regarding defects are to be communicated to Pole Goddess in a reasonable time after receiving the product. Here, two months are considered reasonable time, unless another time frame is decided upon in advance. In a warranty case, Pole Goddess refunds any reasonable costs of delivery/return. To cover these costs, Pole Goddess needs a receipt you as the customer, which clearly displays the cost of refund.

The warranty does not apply when a product has been used incorrectly or in uncommon/unintended ways. It also does not apply to common wear and tear on products. Keep in mind that while Pole Goddess uses quality materials in all products, it will eventually be visible that products are worn. Pole Goddess uses fine rhinestones and crystals of high quality in our products, and Pole Goddess does not guarantee that these will keep sticking on products when being used.

The warranty does not apply when goods are sent cash on delivery.

Questions concerning warranty and returns must be addressed to:

Universal Free Vision Voices ApS (Pole Goddess)
Mejslingvej 68
7100 Vejle
Phone: +4527280222
E-mail: info@polegoddess.com


Force majeure

Pole Goddess has no liability for any delay or hindrance, which will arise due to direct and/or indirect force majeure. Reason of force majeure means any act or omission, which is beyond our control. Force majeure includes, by way of example, strikes or similar situations, occupations, disasters, earthquakes, floods, interruption of networks (telephone, electricity, etc.), sabotage, intruders on the internet (hackers), wars, fire, and other events of similar nature.


Privacy policy

We do not resell or convey personal information. It is only registered in our customer database. The customer can at any given time be erased from the customer database. You as a customer can at any given time have your information erased. Just send us an e-mail at info@polegoddess.com.

When Pole Goddess collects personal information through our website, we make sure that it is done with your personal consent. To enter into an agreement with Pole Goddess, we need the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail

We register your personal information with the main purpose to deliver your order. All such information is kept for up to five years, after which it is automatically deleted from our database. Employees at Pole Goddess and our close business partners have access to the given information. The information systems manager is: Alissia Diddee Damkjær.

Pole Goddess does not keep and transmit encrypted customer data.

When registered at Pole Goddess, all customers have the right to object to the registration. Based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to know which personal information Pole Goddess has stored. Any enquires regarding the EU General Data Protection Regulation can be sent to: info@polegoddess.com.



At www.polegoddess.com we use cookies with the aim to optimize our website and its functions, in order to make your visit as smooth as possible. You can at any given time delete cookies from your browser.



At www.polegoddess.com we use log-statistics. This means that an automated statistics system collects data on how many visitors our website has, where they come from etc. The data is exclusively used to build statistics in order to optimize Pole Goddess’ website.


Consumer protection

Read more about your protection as a consumer when you purchase through a PensoPay payment solution at: https://pensopay.com/mere/forbrugerbeskyttelse/



Complaints about Pole Goddess or our products can be addressed to:

Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen

Carl Jacobsens Vej 35

2500 Valby



If you are an EU-citizen outside the EU, your complaint must be sent to the European Commission’s online complaint platform at ec.europa.eu.

When complaining to any of these authorities, remember to include our e-mail address info@polegoddess.com and to mention the URL of our website (purchase site).